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Kilimanjaro Lemosho Route
Kilimanjaro 8 days | 7 nights

Kilimanjaro Lemosho Route

The Lemosho Route is known as one of Kilimanjaro's most scenic and beautiful routes. From the western side of Kilimanjaro you walk through unspoiled forests on narrow trails before, after three days you join the Machame Route to Uhuru Peak.


Sunshine and snow high up on Kilimanjaro, close to Uhuru Peak

Highlights of the journey

Uhuru Peak

Standing on the highest peak in Africa after many days of walking and pushing though the night on the last push to the top

Barranco Wall

From a distance it looks like a wall impossible to scale but when you get closer you see that it is quite easy to go up the steep wall

Virgin forests

The first two days walking goes through some of the most unspoiled forests on Kilimanjaro

African Tours & Safaris staff

On your walk you will get close with your guide, your chef and your porters. You will get to know them and share moments with these amazing persons.


Walking on snow during th last push to the top


The moment you have dreamed of, standing on the top of Kilimanjaro


Day 1: Start your Kilimanjaro expedition

At 08:30 your guide will pick you up at your hotel. Before heading to Londorossi Gate, he gives you an overview of the climb. You leave the hotel around 09:30 in the morning. At Londorossi Gate (2,100 meters above sea level) you register at the gate and get your permits. Expect the formalities to take about an hour. After the gate you continue to drive about 12 km until you reach Lemosho starting point (2,244 masl). At Lemosho starting point you start the day’s hike through dense rainforest. Since it takes quite a long time to get to the starting point and it can be muddy and slippery on the path that you walk this day, it may be that you arrive at the campsite at Mti Mkubwa (meaning big tree) after dark and you may need to use headlights. At Mti Mkubwa you have dinner and camp for the evening. Accommodation in tents at the campsite at Mti Mkubwa. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, including drinks, are included.

Walking time: 4-5 hours
Elevation: +406 meters, end up at 2 650 meters
Camping at Mti Mkubwa

Day 2: Mti Mkubwa to Shira One

The day starts in the dense rainforest but as you walk the andscape becomes more and more open when you on your second day on Kilimanjaro come up on the great Shira plateau. This day you gain almost 1 000 meters altitude and it is a pretty tough day but you walk slowly and the climbs are not too steep. You will get fantastic views of Mount Meru to the west during the day. In the afternoon you will arrive at Shira One Camp.

Walking time: 5-7 hours
Elevation: +960 meters, end up at 3 610 meters
Camping at Shira One

Day 3: Shira One to Shira Two

This day you will gain only about 250 meters of altitude and you will also hike a shorter distance than the day before, which means that your day will have a very important acclimatization to the thinner air at high altitude. During the day you pass Shira which is one of Kilimanjaro three volcanoes, Kibo and Mawenzi are the others.

Walking time: 5-7 hours
Elevation: +240 meters, end up at 3 850 meters
Camping at Shira Two

Day 4: Shira Two to Barranco Huts

On this day you pass by the spectacular Lava Towers on the south side of Kibo and Uhuru Peak. This day ends only 100 meters higher then yesterday but you will have lots of ups and downs and this is an important day for acclimatization. 

Walking time: 4-5 hours
Elevation: +100 meters, end up at 3 950 meters
Camping at Barranco Camp

Day 5: Barranco Camp to Karanga Valley

The fifth day again means that you will take yourself quite far uphill, so it is important to walk calmly to give the body the best opportunity to adapt. You will be at most almost 4,600 meters above sea level before heading down to the Karanga Valley. This day is extremely important for acclimatization as you first go up and then end the day at a lower altitude.

Walking time: 4-5 hours
Elevation: +50 meters, end up at 3 950 meters
Camping at Karanga Valley

Day 6: Karanga Valley to Barafu Camp

Out of Karanga Valley the climb gets steep again and this is where you normally start to feel that the air is thin and you will feel out of breath quite easily. It is a hard day but the feeling is great when you arrive at Barafu Camp. Barafu is Swahili for Ice and it is very cold at this altitude. After an early dinner you should go to sleep because summit day starts at midnight. 

Walking time: 6-8 hours
Elevation: + 650 meters, end up at 4600  meters
Camping at Barafu Camp

Day 7: Summit attempt

Wake up call is at midnight. Get up and get your thermal underwear and warm clothes on. We recommend you bring your ski outfit because it may get very cold (-15 degrees is common). Today you will try to ascent Uhuru Peak via a very long, steep and strenious walk. The walking start with your head torch and in the light of the full moon. Walking to the rim of the crater will take about 6-7 hours and there you will see the most magnificent sunrise of your life so do not forget your camera.

After sunrise you will continue for 1-2 hours to Uhuru Peak for the best view in all of Africa. You only stay at the top for 10-15 minutes before you start descending to Barafu Camp again. Back down at Barafu, 4-5 hours walking, you will have a well deserved breakfast and rest for a while and then you will continue down the mountain along the steep Mweka route, only used for descent. At Mweka Camp you will spend your last day on the mountain. 

Walking time: 7-9 hours to the peak and then 6-8 hours descending
Elevation: +1300 meters and then -2800 meters 
Camping at Mweka Camp

Day 8: Mweka Camp to Mweka Gate and then back to Arusha

After breakfast you start descending the last bit down to Mweka Gate. On tired legs it will take you about 3-4 hours to descend 1250 meters. The temperature will rise as you descend and it will feel great for sore limbs. At the gate we say goodbye to Kilimanjaro and then, most likely, you will fall asleep in the car on the two-hour drive back to Arusha.