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Why chose us

Once I had the pleasure of hearing a satisfied customer answer the question "Why should you travel with Africana Travel? '. She said, quote; because it is flexible and personal, end quote.

With a short reply/sentence she summed up everything we strive to be. Personal in our contact/relationship with our client. Although we have package trips we are flexible in both adding and subtracting days on your trip and you can always choose your own dates. I summarized some more reasons why I think you should travel with African Tours & Safaris below. We look forward to welcoming you on a trip to Africa!


Jackson is one of our safari guides

You should choose us because

  • We are the small tour operator that provides the great experiences. With a completely focused on delivering quality, when you book a trip with us, we are not happy unless you’re happy. We not only want meet your expectations, we want to exceed them. A trip with us should be an experience of a lifetime. Our approach, ambition and dedication is shared by everyone working with your journey.
  • Every customer is important to us and we always do our best for you to be totally satisfied with us from initial inquiry to your return home from Africa.
  • We have extensive knowledge and long experience of the countries where we arrange trips to. Everyone who works for us have lived or live in Africa.
  • We are a Tanzanian company. All our staff in place is Tanzanian.
  • All guides on our trips are from the land which you are visiting. We think they have the best knowledge about their country and will give you the best experience.
  • We carefully choose lodges that provide the proper safari experience. Small-scale, close to nature and with opportunities for activities such as bush walk and night safari are important factors in the selection of lodges for us.
  • We carefully choose our hotel on Zanzibar, Pemba and the mainland coast. We choose to work with smaller hotels and not big resorts. All our hotels are located on the beach. We have alternatives from mid-range to luxury.
  • We maintain a close relationship with all our partners and the hotels we work with by travelling to East Africa to visit and keep ourselves updated. We also visit World Travel Market in London each year to meet with new and existing partners.
  • Every journey with us is evaluated, we use your feedback order to develop and improve our trips

Our operations manager in Tanzania, Arnold Moshi