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The Company

African Tours and Safaris is truly are a company that stands out from the crowd in the sense that we are a commercial safari company with a social heart. African Tours & Safaris is run with the belief that everybody involved should be better of thanks to African Tours & Safaris. If you travel with us you should have the experience of a life time. If you work with us you shall have a great job that gives you a great wage, opportuinities to provide a good life for yourself and your family and fantastic opportunities to develop.


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We are a family company

African Tours & Safaris is a family company. No we are not owned and run by a family, we are a different kind of family company. We are a family company in the sence that:

Everybody that works for us are not related but when you work with us you are part of the African Tours & Safaris family. We work together as a family and always take care of everybody. Everybody in the company is equally important to the African Tours & Safaris family from the night watchman to the Kilimanjaro guides and the CEO.

African Tours & Safaris is owned by Arnold Moshi (Tanzania), David Lenefors (Sweden) and Ulf Hansen (Sweden). Together we have been in the travel industry for well over half a century.

African Tours & Safaris specialize in safaris, adventure expeditions and culture tours in Tanzania. Every customer is important to us and we always do everything in our power for you to be completely satisfied, with everything from inquiry to your return back from Africa.

African Tours & Safaris is on and Please if you have traveled with us write a review on or and tell us what you thought about your trip.

We are a licensed safari company, registered with the Tanzana Tourism Board


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