Kilimanjaro machame route camping

Camping on Kilimanjaro

When climbing Kilimanjaro, on all routes except Marangu Route, you sleep in doom tents. On Marangu Route there are cabins. Camping on Kilimanjaro is done in designated camp sites along the routes. When climbing with us you stay in the same camp sites as climbers from every other company but the rest is not the same as with every other company. We put a lot of effort into making the camping experience one that stands out.

We only have tents of high quality brands. This is better for you since you stay warm and dry, better for us and for the environment since high quality tents lasts much longer. All our tents are meticulously cleaned and maintained after every expedition, so you will always stay in a really nice tent. We have big tents. A tent that sleeps a maximum of 4 persons is on our expeditions used for 2 persons. It is important that you have space in your tent for your gear.

We also have mess tents for dinners and lunches so that you can eat in a warm place without the wind howling. We have a heater in the mess tent at nights, so you can enjoy a drink, write in your journal or just chat. Everyone on the expedition sleeps in a high-quality tent, you, your guides, your porters and your chef.

In your tents we provide a sleeping mattress, a real thick one, and a pillow to make you sleep comfortably.

All food on the expedition is cocked by the expedition chef (chefs on a big expedition). The chef buys all food the day before the expedition to make sure you get fresh food. All ingredients are bought at a local market and as much as possible is locally grown and produced