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Kilimanjaro under a full moon. Climb Kilimanjaro to see the sunrise from Uhuru Peak
Mountain 10 days | $2850

Kilimanjaro under a full moon

Experience Kilimanjaro under a full moon. Climb Kilimanjaro with us! Departures every month, perfectly timed so that you ascend Uhuru Peak under a full moon.

Experience the thrill and excitement and fulfill your dreams. We want to offer something truly magnificent and special, something out of the ordinary.

Guided by African Tours & Safaris expert guides you walk in the amazing soft light of the full moon gazing down on the clouds beneath you. When the dark night becomes day in an amazing sunset you reach Uhuru Peak, 5 895 meters above sea level.


Mawenzi keak under a full moon

Highlights of the journey

Stand on Uhuru Peak at dawn

There are few things that you can do that are more amazing than standing on the top of Kilimanjaro watching the sun rise over the savannahs of Eastern Africa

Engiresi Village

A guided walk through the very genuine Tanzanian village in the emerald green rolling foot hills of Mount Meru.

Karanga Valley

4000 meters above sea level you are so close to the snow on top of Kibo that it feels like you can reach out and touch

Lava Tower

The spectacular Lava Tower on the southern side of Kibo, is passed on the third day on the way to Barranco Camp


A lone tent at Karanga Valley, 4 000 meters above sea level

Price for this expeditions

  • $2 325 per person for a group of 6
  • $2 490 per person for a group of 4
  • $2 990 per person for a group of 2

All prices stated per adult sharing a double or twin room. For groups of 3 or 5 or larger groups or contact us for price. Discounts apply for

  • Children (under 12) sharing room with adult
  • Youths (12-15) 
  • Adults sharing triple room

The moment you have been dreaming of


Day 1: Arrival in Tanzania

Arrive at Kilimanjaro International Airport. You will be met by our staff and transferred to your lodge. Dinner and overnight at Planet Lodge. Dinner is included. Cost for drinks for dinner not included. 

Day 2: Guided walk in Engiresi Village

Sleep long and have a lazy breakfas. At 10 a.m. we pick you up at the hotel for a short transfer to Engiresi Village just outside Arusha. This day is for relaxing and getting the stiffnes from a long flight out of your body. We have noticed that adding an extra day before the Kilimanjaro climb helps your body prepare and gives you a better chance of having a succesful expedition. Today your expert guide will take you through Engiresi village and surrounding  areas in the foothills of Mount Meru. Many people will stop and talk to you. Enjoy a picnic lunch by a lovely waterfall before driving back to your hotel. In the afternoon your Kilimanjaro guide will meet you at the hotel for briefing/packing and preparations for your Kilimanjaro climb. The guide will make sure you have packed all the necessary things and leave all that you don’t need locked up at the hotel.  Overnight at Planet Lodge. Breakfast, lunch and dinner is included. Cost for drinks for dinner not included. 

Day 3: Start the Kilimanjaro Expedition

The day starts with breakfast at 7:00 and then you get picked up by your guide and drive to Machame Gate. B En route to Machame Gate your guide will go over the climb with you. The drive to Machame Gate takes about 1,5 hours. At the gate you register at KINAPA:s Office (Kilimanjaro National Park), where all the equipment is weighed and permits issued (just a formality) and then you start walking.

The first hour goes through rainforest, slowly and gradually ascending but after that you will get to some steep climbs. The climb gets less steep after a while when the rainforest gradually gives way to the moor lands where Machame Huts are located. The first day is quite tough.

Walking time: 6-8 hours
Elevation: +1200 meters, end up at 3100 meters
Camping at Machame Hut

Day 4: Machame Huts to Shira Huts

After breakfast at Machame Huts you cross a stream and then start climbing a rather steep trail up the rim of the mountain until you reach Shira Huts located by a semi circular rock formation.

Walking time: 6-8 hours
Elevation: +750 meters, end up at 3850 meters
Camping at Shira Hut

Day 5: Shira Huts to Barranco Huts

On this day you pass by the spectacular Lava Towers on the south side of Kibo and Uhuru Peak. This day ends only 100 meters higher then yesterday but you will have lots of ups and downs and this is an important day for acclimatization. 

Walking time: 5-6 hours
Elevation: +100 meters, end up at 3950 meters
Camping at Barranco Hut

Day 6: Barranco Hut to Karanga Valley

This day is not so long but there are a lot of ups and downs and you end up only slighlty higher then where you start. This makes it a very important day for acclimitazation. The day starts with a walk out of the valley via Barranco Wall on the eastern side. Barranco Wall is a 400-meter high rock wall and it may seem steep and impossible to climb from a distance but is actually quite an easy climb. At the top of Barranco Wall you will stop for a while to enjoy the beautiful view.

After Barranco Wall you will walk with Kibo over your left shoulder for a few hours and then a long downhill takes you down to Karanga Valley. 

Walking time: 3-4 hours
Elevation: + 50 meters, end up at 4000  meters
Camping at Karanga Valley

Day 7: Karanga Valley to Barafu Camp

Out of Karanga Valley the climb gets steep again and this is where you normally start to feel that the air is thin and you will feel out of breath quite easily. It is a hard day but the feeling is great when you arrive at Barafu Camp. Barafu is Swahili for Ice and it is very cold at this altitude. After an early dinner you should go to sleep because summit day starts at midnight. 

Walking time: 3-4 hours
Elevation: + 600 meters, end up at 4600  meters
Camping at Barafu Camp

Day 8: Ascending the summit

Wake up call is at midnight. Get up and get your thermal underwear and warm clothes on. We recommend you bring your ski outfit because it may get very cold (-15 degrees is common). Today you will try to ascent Uhuru Peak via a very long, steep and strenious walk. The walking start with your head torch and in the light of the full moon. Walking to the rim of the crater will take about 6-7 hours and there you will see the most magnificent sunrise of your life so do not forget your camera.

After sunrise you will continue for 1-2 hours to Uhuru Peak for the best view in all of Africa. You only stay at the top for 10-15 minutes before you start descending to Barafu Camp again. Back down at Barafu, 4-5 hours walking, you will have a well deserved breakfast and rest for a while and then you will continue down the mountain along the steep Mweka route, only used for descent. At Mweka Camp you will spend your last day on the mountain. 

Walking time: 7-9 hours to the peak and then 6-8 hours descending
Elevation: +1300 meters and then -2800 meters 
Camping at Mweka Camp

Day 9: Mweka Camp to Mweka gate and then Arusha

After breakfast you start descending the last bit down to Mweka Gate. On tired legs it will take you about 3-4 hours to descend 1250 meters. The temperature will rise as you descend and it will feel great for sore limbs. At the gate we say goodbye to Kilimanjaro and then, most likely, you will fall asleep in the car on the two-hour drive back to Arusha. Overnight at Planet Lodge. Breakfast, lunch and dinner is included. Cost for drinks for dinner not included. 

Walking time: 4 hours
Elevation: -1250 meters

Day 10: Going home

3 hours before your flight we pick you up at the hotel for your transfer to Kilimanjaro Airport. Wwe hope you have had a fantastic time with us in Tanzania and wish you safe travels back home. 


We only use high-quality tents and camping equipment


Uhuru Peak at night on the finale ascent to the peak

Included in the trip

Included in the price

  • 3 nights at Planet Lodge in Arusha including half board
  • Extra acclimatization day, guided day trip to Engiresi Village in the foothills of Mount Meru. This day is very valuable in case someones bags “missed the flight”
  • 7 days Machame route Kilimanjaro climb. 
  • All park fees
  • Ascent of Uhuru Peak under a full moon 
  • Kilimanjaro Expeditions in a small group with a maximum of 12 participants
  • All transfers specified in the itinerary
  • All meals specified in the itinerary
  • All meals and drinks during Kilimanjaro climb
  • Comfortable thick mattress and pillow to make sure you sleep comfortably
  • Expert guiding by African Tours & Safaris Kilimanjaro guides. Our guides are experienced and well trained, they know CPR and carry oxygen.
  • African Tours & Safaris staff coimmittment guarantee; all staff on the expedition eat the same quality food you do, sleep in the same quality tents you do and have proper clothes and personal equipment. All porters are hired via the Kilimanjaro Porters Association and get properly paid and never carry excess luggage beyond restrictions.
  • Top quality food provided by your personal chef, made from locally grown and ingredients. Your chef buys food the day before your trip to make sure you have fresh food.
  • Flying Doctor insurance. For th eunlikely event that you get injured and/or sick during your climb you will be evacuated by helicopter and flown to a hospital in Nairobi

Not included in the price

  • International flight tickets
  • Visa for Tanzania
  • Cost for vaccinations
  • Sleeping bag, proper clothes, walking poles and other personal equipment for the Kilimanjaro climb
  • Tips
  • Laundry, Internet and other personal costs
  • Drinks for dinners and lunches eaten at hotels 

Climb Kilimanjaro with us, it will be the adveture of a lifetime